Evo SMD Solar Powered Security Light 350 lumens

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Evo SMD Solar Powered Security Light 350 lumens

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Secure your property Quickly and Easily with our latest high-quality motion activated SMD Evo Solar Security Light. This price-busting state-of-the-art warm white solar security light can be mounted virtually anywhere in your property with minimal DIY skills and without the need for a mains power supply. The Evo SMD has an exceptional level of waterproofing and is designed to work in winter time. 

Once Installed the SMD Evo will protect your home Each night for free - Even During the length of power cuts.


Mains Equivalent

The brightness of this product is comparable to mains powered lights.


Triggers 500 Per Night

Once motion is detected, this light can activate up to 500 times a night.


Works in Winter

A well Positioned solar panel will enable this product to work in typical winter conditions.


This light is solar powered and does not require mains power to work.

  • 2 year full warranty as standard

  • 12 m motion sensor range

  • IP56 rated for superior water resistance.

  • Simple and safe to install with everything you need in the box

  • Activation time can be set from 10 seconds Between and 9 minutes.

  • Powered by the sun

  • 350 lumens brightness

  • Motion activated

  • Can be Installed Almost Anywhere

  • Free to run

  • 5 meters of cable Between solar panel and light




The Evo SMD Solar Security Light offers mains equivalent brightness from a compact unit Highly That offers truly exceptional waterproofing and can Deliver 500 Activations lasting 30 seconds each loop from a full charge. The activation time can be set with the Evo That SMD lights up from Between 10 seconds and 9 minutes Each time it detects motion. 

The Evo SMD uses a high performance compression seal and rubber Numerous waterproof O-rings on the points of light and motion sensor Which guarantee superior waterproofing to IP56 standard. 

During the day the Evo SMD's solar panel charges internal battery ITS giving it the power it needs to light after dark. After dark the Evo SMD will activate as soon as it detects motion. At dawn the Evo SMD activating stops and starts charging again ready for the night ahead

Why are the Evo Solar Security Lights better?

We believe the Evos are Better than last generation solar security lights Because They are:

  • Brighter
  • More Reliable (They work all year round)
  • Better value
  • More compact
  • Better build quality

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