Solar Powered Fairy Lights - White 100 LEDs

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Solar Powered Fairy Lights - White 100 LEDs

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Solar Fairy Lights are a match made in heaven for anyone wanting to put up fairy lights outside without using mains power. Our Everbright Solar Fairy Lights offer unrivaled solar powered performance backed-up with a USB charging option. Simply position the solar fairy lights and solar panel module and away you go.

  • Dual power - solar powered emergency with USB charge capability
  • Disconnectable light string
  • As bright as mains powered fairy lights
  • Fully weather proof
  • Up to 10 hours operation once fully Charged
  • Turn on and off automatically is with
  • On / Off switch to override automatic function.
  • Charge by day, light at night
  • Easy to install anywhere
  • Choose from 8 lighting modes
  • No operating costs

During the day the sun's rays charge the two rechargeable AA batteries inside the Everbright's solar panel module. After dark the Stored charge in the batteries power the lights. In the morning the lights turn off Automatically check and charge up again ready for the night ahead. The Everbrights are fully automatic so you do not need to turn on and off Them Each night, but you can Operate Them manually if you like. The new Everbright Solar Fairy Lights also have a back-up USB charging capability. Simply disconnect the fairy light string and take the solar panel module inside where you can use the USB charging cable Supplied to fully charge your Everbrights via your computer. If you do not have a computer you can always use a USB Mains Adaptor.

In the box

  • Everbright solar panel module
  • Fairy light string
  • Spike Mount
  • USB charging cable
  • 2 x AA rechargeable batteries (installed)
  • Fixings pack

USB Chargeable

Everbright's are now USB chargeable Which Means You Can Use Them inside your home as well as outside. Also USB gives you the option to fully charge your lights in time for a party or special occasion if the weather has let you down.


More Modes

The new Everbrights come with 2 extra modes so there are now 8 modes to choose from instead of sixth Also We've made 'constant on' the first mode as this is the most popular mode based on customer feedback.


Although incredibly Reliable, there was a rare fault Which buttons on the affected small number of old Everbright units. Everbrights The new use and much Simpler and More Reliable push switch mechanism Completely Which has fixed this issue. 

What are the Advantages of Everbright Solar Fairy Lights vs mains powered fairy lights?

We believe Everbright Solar Fairy Lights are Better than mains powered LED lights for the Following Reasons: 

  • Quick, simple and safe to install
  • The Self the sufficient so you can put Them Anywhere there is light
  • Safer Than mains powered fairy lights
  • No operating costs unlike mains powered lights
  • Turn on and off automatically is is using an advanced light sensor
  • They are environmentally friendly unlike mains powered fairy lights
  • Back-up USB charging capability giving you the best of Both Worlds

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