Vortex Solar Shed Light

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Vortex Solar Shed Light

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The Vortex Solar Shed Light redefines what you can expect from the standard solar shed light.

With up to 36 super bright white LED bulbs lit at any one time and the ability to prolong run time by selecting 12 or 24 LED bulbs you've got the best of both worlds. 

Three ultra high capacity batteries are charged daily by the Solar Panel that ouputs up to five times the power of comparably priced and sized alternative products. 


Diameter: 150mm
Height: 25mm

Solar Panel
Height: 170mm
Width: 190mm

How does it work?

The high powered solar panel charges the internal rechargeable batteries by day. 
When you require light press the button on the face of the light unit to turn it on. The first push will turn all 36 LED bulbs on. Pushing again will operate the 24 outer LED bulbs only. A third push will operate the inner 12 LED bulbs only. Another push will turn the light off. Please note the more LED bulbs you have on the faster the batteries will drain.

How do I install it?

Installing the unit as a solar shed/porch light

Using the supplied flat head screws and rawl plugs attach the U-bracket (C) to where you wish to mount the light. Please ensure that there is enough space to connect the solar panel cable into the side of the light unit. Once the U-bracket is secure, attach the shed fixing bracket (A) into the centre of the light and then slide this into the U-bracket. Finally, connect the cable from the Solar Panel into the socket on the side of the light unit and position the panel where it will receive the most amount of light.

Tech Specs

  • 36 x Super bright white LEDs
  • 70 Watt equivalent
  • 12, 24 or 36 LEDs switch option
  • Will light up for up to 7 hours when fully charged
  • 1.5W Poly crystalline solar panel
  • 3.6V 1800mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack
  • 4.8 Metres of cable
  • Black body colour

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